Rito Akisato

historical geographer

In addition to my research, I am also an author for Zue Maps Project, explaining the origin of famous and historic sites and other places in various regions, explaining directions with maps, and introducing places to stay.

Main Writings:

Maps of Koyasan and simple introduction to the sights Koyasan Q&A Directions by train, car, bus and plane Bus routes inside Koyasan Thorough guide to parkings at Koyasan Koyasan Sightseeing Model Course Daimon - The main entrance to the sacred site Danjo Garan - A group of buildings that embody esoteric Buddhism Kongobuji Temple - The Contact Point between the Imperial Court and Koyasan Tokugawa Family Reidai -Toshogu in western Japan Kongo-samai-in Temple - The temple that moved the history of the Kamakura period Okuno-in - A place of salvation where Japanese history is condensed Kondo - the core of Danjo Garan Nemoto Daito - Japan's first multi-purpose pagoda Kangakuin - A place for training that conveys the history of the late Kamakura period Koyasan Reihokan - Treasures of Esoteric Buddhism Tour of Koya's Seven Benten Temples - Kukai's hard work and ingenuity Bifukumonin's Mausoleum - A beautiful woman who moved history many times Kiyotaka Inari Shrine - proof that esoteric Buddhism and Inari worship were one and the same The World Heritage Sites of Okuno-in - Sacred houses that presents the true faces of the warring states generals "Jizo" Tour of Okuno-in - Experience Kukai's philosophy Literary Monuments in the Inner Sanctuary - A close reading reveals a great variety Driving Course around Koyasan Koya Pilgrimage Path - Final Course of the Walking Pilgrimage Koyasan Machisekido - the main approach to Koyasan that Kukai also walked Niutsuhime Shrine - The origin of Koyasan faith Kutoyama - The village where the Sanada father and son resided Jison-in Temple - Women's Koya, where Kukai's mother also lived Niu Kanshoji Shrine - A shrine that protected the territory of the temple Katsushi-ji Temple - Kukai's temple for getting rid of bad luck List of Shukubo(Temple Lodgings) Guesthouses in Koyasan Sainanin Yochi-in Henjosonin Tentokuin Jokiin Souji-in Myooin Saizenin Ichijoin Fumonin Fukuchiin Kongosanmaiin Saimonin Jimyoin Fudoin Henjokoin Mitsugonin Eko-in Shojosinin History of Koyasan Explore the relationship between Ieyasu Tokugawa and Esoteric Buddhism at the Tokugawa Family Reidai, "Toshogu of the West" Learn about the history of the Kamakura period at the World Heritage Site "Kongosanmaiin" "Koyasan Okunoin" where Japanese history is condensed Fudouin, the resting place of Bifuku Monin, the woman who ended the Heian Period "Kiyotaka Inari Shrine" conveys the deep relationship between esoteric Buddhism and Inari faith The Fall of the Kamakura Shogunate as deciphered from "Danjo Garan Kangakuin" Niutsuhime Shrine, the World Heritage Site and the origin of Koyasan Why did the inner sanctuary become a place of reconciliation for warlords? Koyasan, the origin of "Shinto/Buddhist syncretism" that prevented religious wars Why did he marry the daughter of his father's avenger? Nakagawa Hideshige's "Tale of No Side" "Avenging the Soga Brothers": Background of the revenge drama that destroyed the Genji Shogun's family Dit the "undecisive politics" of the Mori family kept history turning? The relationship between the Shimazu family and Koyasan, a distant cause of the Meiji Restoration How Tada Mitsunaka, the founder of the Minamoto clan, became a fallen angel with evil deeds "Taira no Atsumori V.S. Kumagaya Naozane" The message of the story that Nobunaga loved What is the real image of Katsuie Shibata, the "fierce general" shrouded in mystery? Did the "Odawara Hojo Family" lay the foundation for Ieyasu Tokugawa's "seizure of the world"? The wandering tale of Katsunari Mizuno, "the strongest free man" in the Warring States period Is foreign war necessary for domestic stability? Yorinobu Tokugawa's Continental Dispatch Plan Did Kenshin Uesugi (Torachiyo) hate his father? Was Kenshin Uesugi's elder brother, Harukage Nagao, a great lord? Was Kenshin Uesugi's (Nagao Kenshin) first battle "Battle of Tochio Castle" a fiction? What kind of sibling rivalry did Kenshin Uesugi (Nagao Kagetora) have at the time of his inheritance? Kenshin Uesugi Nagao's Unification of Echigo Traced by Letters A conflict between Buddhism and Confucianism? The Ikeda family cemetery that "Wise Ruler" did not enter Why is the tomb of "Nobunaga, the enemy of Buddhism" near Kobo Daishi? The clue is in Mt.Hiei Ogo, Sen Hime... Tragic women who sought salvation in a place where women were forbidden The rise and fall of "Toyotomi, the ruler of Japan" as seen from women's perspectives The Revolution of Esoteric Buddhism and its Failure of Kakubana, "Pioneer of Kamakura Buddhism "Fighters of Populist Revolution" who left Koyasan Why did the common people commit atrocities? Background of the "Monument to the Enemies of the Koraijin Did Koyasan itself do evil deeds? Shame implied by the "Jyayanagi Memorial Pagoda The paradox of the "no-kill precepts" and the answer of the "Termite Cenotaph" The History of "Sexual Mysteries" and "Prohibition of Women" of Esoteric Buddhist teachings A Chronicle of Kukai, the "Philosopher of the Void" What is Shingon Esoteric Buddhism? Philosophical Combination of Man and Woman: "Kontaifuni" The Mystery of "Void" Deciphered by Science The "Idea of Emptiness" and Sokushin Narutsu "Sokushin Narutsu" in Western Philosophy The Three Secret Practices and Pascal's Philosophy Sokushin Seonbutsu and Altruism Conversion to "Engi-Supremacism" The Bloody Power Struggle and Esoteric Buddhism Kukai's Grand Strategy and Sokushin Narutsu The Legend of Sokushin Seonbutsu and its Successors and Rebels Spinoza, Kierkegaard, Nietzsche and Kukai Route map to Koyasan Railroad access to Koyasan Car route from Tokyo to Koyasan Comparison and explanation of car routes from Osaka to Koyasan Car routes from Nagoya to Koyasan Direct route from Kyoto to Koyasan by Express Bus